09 Mar 2012

BAe 146-200: G-TBIC

As we prepare for the arrival of Juneau Projects' Gleaners of the Infocalypse, we've been gathering up information about the plane itself: G-TBIC. Its first flight was on 22 October 1984 (making it a Libra) under the registration of N349PS for Pacific Southwest Airlines. The plane took on the new registration of N167US in 1988 when it flew for USAir. In 1997 it took on the G-TBIC registration until its decommissioning in December 2008. 

G-TBIC will not be flying again, but here is some footage of the plane making its descent into Waterford Airport in May 2008. Uploaded by FrontierA318 (who has a host of similar films on YouTube) it's four and a half minutes shot through a window overlooking the starboard engines...

Image above: Decommissioned BAe 146-200 at Kingman Airport, Arizona, 2009; posted on Flickr by ACW367 

Posted by Jordan Kaplan at 12:10 PM

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